From the beginning, the term Haute Horlogerie, literally translated, means High Art of watchmaking.

Of course, all Limited Edition Watches take part also from this category.

But the term of Limited Edition describes best the uniqueness of a timepiece regarding the regular production of that watch.

For example, a Limited Edition Watch referrers to the limited number of watches produced. Thus, an Anniversary Edition places itself in Limited Edition Series.

Although the number may vary from very low to very high. A special edition implies the existence of additional material, features, sizes and more.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of collectors who are very interested in these – Special Editions – Limited Editions Timepieces.

Thus, in all these cases, aspects like brand recognition, heritage, exclusivity, availability, and – often one the most influential of all – demand, becomes very important when it comes to the development of a Limited Edition Watch value over time.


Haute Horlogerie


Moreover, the term Haute Horlogerie is used since the quartz crisis at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s. Thus, it’s more about the renewed tradition of high-class mechanical watches.

Specifically, it includes the competence to manufacture challenging complications.

Here you can find some examples of this features:  Rattrapante (or split seconds)  chronograph,  flyback chronograph, moon phase,  tourbillon,  perpetual calendar, minute repeater, alarm watch, world timer,  astronomical watch, the equation of time and many more.

So, in the upper luxury segment, more models include several of these complications in one watch.

Find out more about Luxury Watches Complication following this link: Luxury Watches.

To maintain the tradition of the Haute Horlogerie in 2005, a number of well-known watch companies founded the Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie.

Closely connected with the Haute Horlogerie is the competence of a large self-concept production of watches. Here includes watches and cases, as encountered with watch manufactures