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Dear Watches Lover,

With all the different kinds of watches on the market, which will suit you the best?

Of course, If you’re going to invest in a watch, it might as well look stylish and feel comfortable on your arm. Plus, it’s wise to invest in a watch that’ll last for years, regardless of how often you wear it.

Thus, When people talk about buying a watch, the first thing that always comes to mind is style.

Do you want a casual watch? A dress watch? a work watch? or a Luxury Watch?

As a matter of fact, first watches were created as women’s decorative bracelets. At the same time, men used pocket watches.

Moreover, in the period of World War I, men in the military found that wristwatches were easier for their use than the pocket watches.

Since then, Men started considering watches as useful but elegant and also fashionable accessories for them.


Men’s Luxury Watches


The first men’s watch was available in 1904. Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian pilot expressed his wish: ” to be able to tell the time while flying”. 

Thus, Louis Cartier granted the wish of this famous Brazilian Aviator and so the first wristwatch was born. 

Featuring geometric shapes and exposed screws, this watch quickly becomes an icon for men and women also. It was the Santos Watch from Cartier

Furthermore, Men’s watches become wearable also for casual, informal and semi-informal events. But, their range starts from simple, bare and slim design to chunky or large-sized styles. 

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Nowadays men’s watches possess many advanced functions such as satellite navigation and also as a compass. There are many watches which possess also a dual-time feature. This feature is very good for travelers to know the time at most every country they are traveling.   

Men’s watches come in a huge selection of designs, styles, and brands. Men can choose their ideal watches to coordinate with their personal taste.

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Mens Luxury Watches