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Dear Watches Lover,

With all the different kinds of watches on the market, which will suit you the best?


Of course, If you’re going to invest in a watch, it might as well look stylish and feel comfortable on your arm. Plus, it’s wise to invest in a watch that’ll last for years, regardless of how often you wear it.

Thus, When people talk about buying a watch, the first thing that always comes to mind is style.

Do you want a casual watch? A dress watch? a work watch? or a Luxury Watch?


Yes, women first pioneered wearing watches on the wrist. According to some historians Queen Elizabeth I did it first followed by Queen Marie Antoinette which commissioned a diamond ‘bracelet watch’.


But, it looks like in 1810, Abraham-Louis Breguet designed and made it for Queen of Naples. It was a thin, oval repeater watch, mounted on a wrist-let of hair and Gold thread.


Next was another important Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe. He made it for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868 and it was more a piece of costume jewelry than a ‘timepiece’.

Nevertheless, for a long time, wristwatches were sold very badly on the male market because of their feminine image. At that time, men preferred larger and traditional pocket watches.

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After the First World War, wristwatches – known as ‘wristlets’- remained popular with women in some chic – elegant circles. Therefore, big watchmakers started investing in the female market, encouraging women to own several watches to suit a variety of outfits and occasions.


Among the watch brands that recognized the importance of its fashionable female audience was Rolex. For many years, Rolex’s ‘Princess’ watch, launched in 1920, was the most expensive watch they sold. 

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