Piaget Possession Collection G34P2B00 Diamond White Gold Ladies Ring


From the Possession Collection

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  • White gold, diamond ring
  • Bandwidth: 8.7 mm
  • Size:  6
  • Type of jewelry: Ring
  • Metal: 18K White gold
  • Metal weight (gr): ~12.53
  • Precious stones: Diamond – 2.17 tcw
  • Available sizes (metric):5 ½ – 7 ½


Piaget Possession Collection G34P2B00 Diamond White Gold Ladies Ring

Piaget Possession Collection G34P2B00 Diamond White Gold Ladies Ring

Piaget Possession Collection G34P2B00 Diamond White Gold Ladies Ring



Pink gold diamond turning ring with two bands of gold paved with diamonds. Every time a woman turns her spinning diamond ring in a simple gesture. It gives her that unique feeling that she can take possession of her life. Pairing the warmth of pink gold with the radiance of brilliant diamonds, the luxury ring features two asymmetric bands that turn freely side by side. Notably, each pink gold band comes elegantly set with a row of diamonds. This gives this ring its bright sparkle. It gives more than a charismatic jewel around her finger. It offers her this ring as a loyal ally for life.

Although this ring comes with an attractive and contemporary design. Also, it possesses an asymmetric golden roses strips generously decorated with pavement diamonds. Nevertheless, its dazzling intensity of diamonds gives this luxurious diamond ring its precious look. Moreover, the rotating movement of this Piaget Possession ring itself comes also as a unique sensory experience. Thus, each return gives an irresistible feeling that the lady who wears it always is in possession of her life. Of course, there is no reason for doubt that she will always pursue her own ambitions with pleasure and joy.

  • White Gold, diamond ring
  • Bandwidth: 8.7 mm
  • Size:  6
  • Type of jewelry: Ring
  • Metal: 18K White Gold
  • Metal weight (gr): ~13.3
  • Precious stones: Diamond – 2.17 tcw
  • Available sizes (metric):5 ½ – 7 ½
  • Swiss Made

*Piaget luxury watches and jewelry are individually produced and thus the weight and carats of each product can vary from the displayed data.

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About Piaget

Georges Piaget founded the business back in 1874 in the village of La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland.  At that time, Georges Piaget – a farmer – built pocket watches for its neighbors, during the winter time just to get some extra money. But, in 1911, Timothée Piaget, the son of Georges, took over the family company and made the timepiece business a full-time endeavor. By that time, all watches were built by him for other companies, which those companies placed their own name on these timepieces.

After all, the founder’s grandsons, Gérald and Valentin Piaget, registered the Piaget brand as a trademark in1943. In fact, since then, the manufacture at La Côte-aux-Fées produced only its own creations and also the family name became an international brand.

Piaget style

Nevertheless, the organic, almost psychedelic style that typifies Piaget jewels and also watches in the Sixties and Seventies become unparalleled in its creativity and skill. Furthermore, the fashion feel of the designs – unique use of colorful and also precious hardstones – inspired most stylish women of the time. At that time, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis also embraced the Piaget look. One of the timepieces she favored was a 1965 gold, jade and diamond watch. Furthermore, Piaget’s CEO, Philippe Léopold Metzger, revisit the period in the just-launched Extremely Piaget collection, including variations of the Onassis watch and also signature cuffs.


Ultra-thin movement and jewelry

Back in 1957, the Piaget manufacturer from La Côte-aux-Fées brought out on the market the Calibre 9P. It becomes the first ultra-thin (2 mm), hand-wound mechanical movement.

Also, in 1960, the Piaget watchmakers developed the Calibre12P.  This caliber, with its thinnest automatic movement in the world of 2.3 mm (made official by an entry in the Guinness Book of Records). Back in 1957, Piaget launched the Emperador men’s watch and since its relaunch in 1999 become one of the brand’s emblematic models. Additionally, Piaget started to create their first pieces of jewelry. Also, they created coin watches, ring watches, brooch watches, and also cuff-link watches.

Thus, the company’s expansion led to the opening of a new factory in Geneva. The new factory was dedicated only to jewelry manufacture. Also, by the end of 1959, Piaget opens its first boutique. Also, in 2014, Piaget presented the Altiplano 900P, at 3.65 millimeters thickness – around 1/8th of an inch, In a short time this becomes the world’s thinnest hand-wound mechanical watch.

Art of Enameling 

Nevertheless, Piaget continues the tradition of miniature painting thanks to its traditional and unique technique. In fact, the enameler begins by crushing and cleaning raw enamels to obtain a very fine powder. Also, Piaget mixed the powder with essential oils to achieve the color palette of its pieces of jewelry. 

Moreover, Piaget applies the enamel with a brush in successive fine layers and oven-fire them at temperatures exceeding 800 °C. Of course, each enameled piece requires nearly twenty firings in the oven. The enamel and its colors are then set forever. Piaget also owns the largest jewelry workshop in Geneva. Here, they cut every stone, adjusted them and also set them by hand. For this reason, the Piaget diamonds meet the highest standards of color (D to G) and clarity (IF to VVS.). Nevertheless, all Piaget diamonds come tested according to Piaget in-house guidelines. These standards are based on their color, size, clarity, and also carat.

Piaget Best Jeweller Prize

Eventually, in 2005, Piaget created their Best Jeweller Prize. In essence, this prize awarded to the most deserving student of the Certificat Fédéral de Capacité in watchmaking.

Piaget and Celebrities

Olivia Palermo, a fashion and style icon, collaborates with Piaget for the Possession jewelry collection. She presents turning rings, bangles, and also necklaces for Piaget. Moreover, the Piaget creations in rose gold and diamonds become now available with colorful ornamental stones such as red carnelian. 

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